Difference between Eri silk and Wool as Knitting Yarn

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Hand-made Eri Silk Knitting Yarn – the First in the Market

Are you a knitter? Are you part of a knitting community? You want to know about a handmade natural yarn you can knit with that may set a trend in your group? Read on to find out more.

Or you are new to knitting but want to explore the craft, either as a creative pursuit or as it is supposed to help keep your brain ticking for long years? 😊 Knitting is said to guard you against developing cognitive impairment.  

If you said yes to any of these, it is highly likely that you have bought, planning to buy, or already have some knitting yarn.

And most likely that yarn will be wool?

The minute one thinks knitting, the only yarn that comes to mind is wool.

Wool has become synonymous with knitting yarn. But what if we told you that there is a special yarn made of silk that you can knit with! YES! A silk knitting yarn. Read on to find out.

Muezart has a surprise for you.

We bring you an exotic, hand-made silk yarn which can be used for knitting.

Eri Silk knitting yarn | Muezart yarn

Yes, we sell Eri silk knitting yarn - Fingering, DK and worsted.

Eri Silk Knitting yarn is a new product that Muezart has brought to the market. In fact, we do not see any others selling Eri Silk knitting yarn – we may be the very first.

Unlike wool which can leave you feeling itchy when it comes in touch with your skin, Eri silk is soft to the touch, at the same time looks woolly.

Muezart’s Eri silk knitting yarn is hand-made and dyed using natural ingredients.

What are the differences between wool knitting yarn and Eri silk knitting yarn?

First let us see how they are similar.

Both are natural protein fibres – wool is from the fur of sheep and Eri silk from the cocoon of the Eri silkworm.

Source of wool and Eri Silk yarn | Muezart IndiaBoth can be regenerated. Sheep’s fur grows back. While Eri silkworm grows into a moth that lays hundreds of eggs once it emerges from its cocoon (from which Eri silk fibre is spun), in its short life span of 8 to 10 days. As you may know, unlike Mulberry silk where the moths are killed while they are inside the cocoon, Eri silk moths are allowed to fly away before the cocoon is processed and they live out their short life span.

Let us look at the difference:

  • Wool can feel scratchy when worn next to the skin whereas Eri silk will feel soft.
  • Muezart’s Eri silk yarn is hand spun while wool yarn is mostly machine made. Hand spun gives the Eri silk knitting yarn a rustic look and the knitted product will be unique.
  • Muezart’s Eri silk knitting yarn is hand dyed using natural plant-based dyes– which gives it an exclusive look. Wool knitting yarn available in the market are machine dyed – mostly using chemicals which are toxic.
  • Eri silk yarn has thermal properties – it will keep you warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. Wool will be usable only in the winter.

Knit with Muezart’s Eri silk knitting yarn and check it out. Most likely that you will set a trend that your fellow knitters will want to follow.

Here are some creations of our customers:silk knitting yarn | Muezart silk yarn

Tips to Get Started with Hand-made Knitting Yarn

To ensure best results, a few tips while buying hand-dyed, hand-spun knitting yarn:

  • Estimate how much you will need for your project and buy at one go. Else the colour may vary when you order more, if you fall short, as hand-dyed result in subtle variations. in fact, different shades give it an extra beauty – especially when you know that the colours are nature given, without any harmful chemicals.
  • It will be a good idea to use all the skeins together – say you have two skeins – then knit a few rows with one and the next few with the other. This will give a uniform mix of colour.

Join the pioneers who are knitting with Muezart’s Eri silk knitting yarn. For any questions contact us.

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