Muezart's Creative Content Writer

Who Do We Look For?


1. We expect you to be totally reliable.

2. Reliability is one of the keys to our success.

3. Punctuality is one way to demonstrate this value and is expected of everyone.

4. You must be open and ready to go the extra mile to constantly improve the standard of our operation or process.

5. Taking initiatives and being proactive–not waiting to be told what to do.

6. Innovative and creative ways to execute any assigned responsibilities.

7. Receptive to customer needs and a great team player.

8. Willingness to learn and the flexibility to work as part of a team with a passion for getting results.

9. Someone who can commit long term in a startup.

10. Have a 'do what it takes' attitude. Quick-thinking, decisive and resourceful.

What will you do?

You will be working together with a team, therefore you have to be a team player.

A percentage of your time will go towards creating stories to be published, and contributing and implementing ideas.

You would also regularly be in contact with customers and respond to their queries


1. Creating weekly contents for blog post, social media post, ad scripts, etc.

2. Optimize content for the website and work on SEO of the website pages.

3. Explore and learn new software tools.

4. Identify new digital marketing trends and ensure that the brand is in front of industry developments.

5. Explore different ways to promote the company’s product and services in the digital space.

6. Creating and executing email-based marketing campaigns.

7. Good communication skills with a flair for writing.

8. Drive ROI through online marketing strategies to enhance customer experience and successfully attract and retain customers.

Working Environment

Below is the kind of environment where you will be working:

1. Since Muezart, is a young yet growing company, we help each other grow and become the best we can be. We practice instant and constant feedback, coaching, and guidance in a positive and transparent manner on areas that need improvement. We call this candor. Individuals who are unable to take constructive criticism or are unable to speak up positively and openly with a positive attitude will find it difficult to fit themselves with the team.

2. Teamwork is essential not only for your own but for the success of your colleagues as well.

3. We are a learning organization, therefore, it is expected out of everyone to constantly learn how to accomplish goals better and impart the same to your colleagues.

4. Taking initiatives and being proactive – not waiting to be told what to do.