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Upto 15% Discount!

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Latest Customer's Creation From Our Eri Silk Products

Color Block Striped Scarf

This Shawl was knitted using Our 15/3 Natural Dyed Eri Silk yarn.
by Swaroopa

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Eri Silk Scarf

Yarn used: Natural Dyed Eri Silk 15/3 Yarn

Customer Reviews

I like the feel of the yarn when I’m crocheting, So I imagine it will be very soft to use!

I have always been fascinated with the process where there is no harm to nature
That makes it special .... also it’s from the castor plant .... which has many healing properties

Trupti U

Very nice and soft yarn!

The feel of the yarn is beautiful. I have started making crochet socks from it.
Thanks for creating this lovely yarn.

Mona M.

Beautiful peace of art!

A beautiful piece of art. Happy to see that we have saved ancient art and making people aware off.

Thank you to whole to team for all efforts. I loved it and every time I make one feel so happy. It relaxes my mind. Still learning. Sharing my first two which weaved.

Overall happy to see how the team is preserving the art and culture and educating us.

Smita S

The cutest smallest set of loom, needle, comb and mix yarns!

Bought a beautiful Loom kit by @muezartindia . The cutest smallest set of loom, needle, comb and mix yarns. It is such an interesting concept.

My daughter Arya and I are loving our first weaving project. And while we are busy weaving we are also talking about a new vocabulary of words and the importance of this skill.
Loving every second!

Ruchi M