The Next Step

Thanks for taking the next step.

It says alot. Specifically that you are willing to connect with what Chillibreeze is doing to create social impact with a business.

Engage in a constructive conversation.

We want to know your insights and experience about our eri silk Muezart venture.

We have questions like:

  • What was your experience visiting the Muezart store?
  • Do you connect or identify with anything?
  • What observations occurred for you?

If you would like to help us understand a western perspective, then please participate in a 30-minute conversation with us. We have created an interactive experience for you. 

You will receive a free Muezart product in exchange for a 30-minute conversation.

5 STEPS to Your Experience:

  1. Complete this form and you will receive a 100% discount code to buy a Shawl, Wrap, Scarf, or Yarn. (Baby Sling and Kimono are unavailable)
    Shipping of $17. will need to be paid by you. 
  2. As you shop, reflect and take note of your experience.
  3. Wait for your product to arrive at your home. (mailing from Shillong will take 10-15 days)
  4. After the Muezart product reaches you, set up a 30-minute skype, zoom, or phone call with me and the Muezart Team.
  5. Have the meeting (conversation).

Thank you!