Why to Knit more During Summer?

Knit with Eri Silk | Muezart IndiaMost knitters are putting away their knitting needles and yarn once summertime hits, especially in the hotter regions.

It is usually very hot from February, especially in regions like Delhi, Maharashtra and in the other South Indian states. I am from a small town in Meghalaya, a hilly region surrounded with green mountains, waterfalls, and trees and so I can’t bear the heat which goes beyond 35 degrees Celsius!

It’s understandable that most knitters do not knit during summer, because of the climate, the heat waves and we hardly wear any kind of knitted garments during summer. Absolutely agree! 

Well, if the heat is making you put away your knitting needles, then you're probably missing out on some interesting benefits that you can derive from knitting during the summer.

Why not try knitting with Eri silk yarns, which is apparently the best yarn for knitting!

Want to know why Summer might be the best​time of the year to knit? 

Here you go! 

6 Reasons why you should be knitting more during summertime:  

  1. Knit Lacy knitwear

    Summer is a lace knitting season! You can create knitting projects like Lacy shawls, scarfs, throws to your knitting designs. Lace knitwear has holes on it that allow the air to pass through, making it breathable and perfect for the summers. To knit a lacy knitwear, you will need thinner knitting yarn weights such as fingering or DK knitting yarn. 

    Here are few designs that you can knit during summer- 

    Lacy knitwear | Muezart India

    At Muezart, we offer all-natural Eri Silk knitting yarn that works best for your summer knitting designs. Eri Silk is known to be an all-weather silk yarn, for being cool in summers and warm in winter because of its unique properties.  

  2. Start Knitting for Winter

    Most knitters wait till the weather cools down to start knitting and realize that winter is around the corner. Knitting can be time-consuming, but if you are planning to knit intricate designs like sweaters and jumpers. 

    Silk knitting yarn | Muezart IndiaWhy not start knitting winter knitwear during summertime?
  1. It will be too late to complete all your knitting projects if you wait till the fall season!
  2.  Also, If you’re a person like me who loves giving gifts to your loved ones knitted with yarns, then I suggest you knit beanies, mufflers or sweaters! 

  3. Knit for Homewares- This time at home, don’t limit yourself to knitwear only. Keep yourself buys and productive this summer by creating small projects like hand knitted grocery bags, table runners, throws, cushion covers, animal soft toys, amigurumi and many more. 
  4. You can get many free knitting patterns for homeware on Pinterest! 

    Homewares | Muezart India

  5. Download Knitting Patterns

    Eri silk knitting patterns are helpful to give you an inspiration and head start for all your knitting design. We have a range of silk knitting patterns on our website for both summer and winter that you can download.

    Some of our Eri silk knitting and crochet patterns are Free. 
    Click here to check them out. 

    If you are a beginner or intermediate but does not have any knowledge about reading knitting patterns, you don’t need to worry. 

    There are many knitting courses on how to read knitting patterns that are available for free on YouTube. 

    Here’s a short tutorial  that I thought it will be helpful for you.

  6. Knitting helps you Socialize

    Knitting can also be seen as a process of socialization or group activity for some.  

     It is not only about knitting away the required piece of clothing that one wants, but the sense of belonging that it brings along with it. The relationships that one creates are also a major factor towards one’s all-round development.

    Silk knitting yarn | Muezart India

    Many prominent researchers have discovered that people who knit quite often are usually calmer, happier and experience a better lifestyle.   

  7. Reduce Stress and Boosts Self-esteem

    The covid-19 Pandemic had brought immense destruction to the world, which continues even till today. 

  8. Various human traits like attention spans, serious mood swings, anger issues and many other mental health issues have gone downhill to a quite a large degree. 

    Arm knitting can be seen as a form of meditation, since it demands quite a good deal of concentration and attention from the knitter.

    Our mind is just like a machine which needs its fuel time and again to run well. Just like other fruitful hobbies and passions, knitting absolutely qualifies as an effective fuel for the mind!

I hope this blog has given you enough reasons why you should be knitting more during summer!

Don’t forget to check out our all-season, naturally dyed Eri Silk knitting yarns on our website and some of our free summer knitting patterns you can download. 


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