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      What is Eri Silk fabric and how is it different from other silk fabric? 

      There are different types of silk fabric but Eri silk is probably the most different type of silk available in the market. Silk is generalized, and we should know that not all silk is the same. It is also true that for any filament silk to be extracted the cocoons need to be boiled before the moth emerges, to ensure that the strand is not broken. Mulberry, Tassar and Muga silk is got that way. 

      The cocoon is spun by the caterpillar, around itself, where it will hibernate before becoming a moth. Silk is the fibre that it uses to make the cocoon. Eri silk fibre on the other hand is naturally a staple (meaning short) fibre and the cocoon has a natural open end from where the moth emerges before the cocoon is processed to extract Eri silk fibre. 

      Eri silk is spun and not reeled. The processing happens when the moth emerges and leaves the cocoon behind. 

      Is Eri Silk vegan and eco-friendly? 

      Eri Silk is not Vegan. It is a protein fiber derived from a family of silkworms known as Samia ricini. Eri silk is 100% natural fiber and eco-friendly because it does not use any harmful chemicals in its extraction and processing. Which means it’s also easy on the environment. The color dyeing process is done without any chemical dyes and uses 100% plant and mineral ingredients. The plant ingredients are farmed and not sourced from forests which ensures constant supply and does not have any negative impact on forest ecology. 

      Eri Silk from Meghalaya – Steps from Eggs to Fabric: 

      1. The eggs hatch to become Eri silkworms.
      2. The worms immediately feed on castor or tapioca leaves. No fertilizers or pesticides are used as castor leaves grow abundantly in Meghalaya and are not infested. 
      3. Once fully grown, each silkworm spins itself a cocoon and goes into hibernation to transform itself into a moth.
      4. The moths leave the cocoon, and the cocoon is degummed by boiling in water with an alkaline washing soap. Alkaline soap is eco-friendly, unlike detergents.

      *Alkaline Soaps are made from plant oils like coconut oil etc or acids derived from animal fat. Detergents, on the other hand, are synthetic, man-made derivatives. So, note that no toxic chemicals are used in any stage of the Eri silk production process. 

      1. The Eri silk fiber is hand spun from the cocoons and then made into Eri silk yarn for weaving or knitting.
      2. Dyeing is done using natural dyes. No toxic chemicals are used. Some colors are seasonal whereas some can be dyed all year. 
      3. The weaving of fabric using dyed or undyed yarn to make traditional or modern apparel like scarves, shawls, or stoles. Different patterns and designs can be incorporated using different weaving techniques. Eri silk fabric can also be woven into running material where other kinds of clothing like shirts, pants, tops, Kurtis, etc can be made. 

      What makes Eri Silk fabric Special? 

      Eri Silk, being hydrophilic, has high absorbency and breathable, making it comfortable to wear during warm weather.   

      At the same time, its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather, making the fabric warm to wear in Winter.   

      So, all in all, Eri Silk is a fabric you can wear all season.   

      The durability of Eri Silk is what makes Eri Silk a timeless silk and surpasses time which is why it is passed down for generations as an Heirloom fabric. 

      About Muezart Apparel Collection 

      The naming of our scarves and shawls is inspired by nature and the rich cultural heritage of our land. Depicting flowers to ingredients to the pattern to tribal life to royalty to the mystic clouds, are just some of the stories showcased. 

      Great pairing with traditional Indian attire for those engagement and wedding celebrations. It also goes well with business formals/ casuals or jeans. 

      All our scarves and shawls are handwoven using soft Eri Silk fine handspun yarn, making the fall of the fabric drape well when worn. 

      Our beanie hats are knitted using a hand knitting machine. Showcasing the versatility of Eri Silk in knitted products that make it probably the only silk that can be used for knitting. 

      Our no-itch two-tone reversible beanie can be worn all year round and pair it with a different outfit which is great. 

      It's lively, fun and full of life. So light on your head you will forget to take it off. Keeps you warm outside and comfortable inside.