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Regenerate a little-known silk and the women who make it

You love creating. You cherish skills passed down… grandmothers to mothers. Mothers to sons and daughters. This is our story too. ​Yet, there’s so much that has disappeared, and a lot that will soon.

We’re changing that!

We're connecting conscious makers like you to our Eri silk fiber and traditions.​

We Are Writing To You From Meghalaya

The Home of Eri Silk
About Meghalaya

So, when we talk about Meghalaya, we do so with a passion as it ‘belongs’ to us and we are proud of our land, its culture and can see that there is a lot of hidden potential.

Meghalaya means the ‘abode of the clouds’ in Sanskrit, and it stands up to its name – rolling clouds, verdant undulating hills, a number of waterfalls and natural springs, all of which make it a personification of natural beauty.

It is one of the 8 states that form the northeast region of India.

The northeast is a bit removed from the rest of India, like an extended arm attached to the torso by a shoulder joint. Northeast of India shares only around 50 km of border with India, and over 5000 km with other countries like Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Special Facts About Eri Silk

All Season Yarn

Eri Silk is a natural yarn that is super soft, keeps you warm in winter (without the ‘woolly itch’) and cool in summer.

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Muezart’s Eri silk is hand-crafted– right from spinning yarn, natural dyeing to weaving.

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Last For A Lifetime

Eri silk is strong and highly durable. So, imagine your creations being passed down for generations.

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Eri Silk Is A Regenerative Silk Everyone Is Talking About

1. Its natural way of production is one of a kind.
2. Its fibers are dense and strong.
3. The fabric is silk, yet feels like no other silk.
4. Washable and wrinkle-free.
5. Cool in summer and warm in winter.
6. Tender on skin and hypoallergenic
7. An heirloom fabric that gets better with time.

With such wide-ranging fabric applicability, how can you not love this fabric? Its sustainable properties are solid and tough. In the Khasi cultural tradition, a scarf or a baby sling, made with Eri silk will be passed down for generations as an heirloom. The properties alone make it known as the all-weather everyday queen of textiles

The process of rearing Eri silk

Eri silk rearing (and another silk rearing) and the making of silk is extremely labor-intensive, constituting so many meticulous and cumbersome steps.

With Our Eri Silk You Can Do:

1. Knitting
2. Weaving
3. Crocheting
4. Spining
5. Felting
6. Blending with other fibers
7. Carding
8. And others like Paper making, soap making etc.

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The Industrious Women Behind Eri Silk

The women who raise the silkworms process, spin, dye, and weave with this surprisingly different fiber. The silkworm farming is done in village homes using traditional methods. These ancient traditions will die without regeneration and expanding markets for Eri silk. Our weekly newsletter shares behind the scenes.

When You Buy Eri Silk 3 Things Happen:

1. 100% Natural

You buy into a circular economy by using a slow-made Eri silk fiber sustainably produced in a Meghalaya village.

2. Preserving Tradition

Your purchase regenerates a Meghalaya tradition of women weavers who raise cocoons, hand spin yarn, and naturally dye the world’s most sustainable silk.

3. Flourish Locally with Makers

Join us in our efforts to create positive change through conscious business. Come visit us and experience this change with our team of entrepreneurs.