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      3 products

      Get A Eri Silk Sample Today!

      Because Eri silk is unknown to you and we might be an unheard-of brand. To put your worries away we introduced the COD payment option and today I'm here to tell you how a sample card can help you decide.

      What if you wanted to see, feel and hold or even smell the yarn before you make a purchase? An online platform does make it impossible to do that, right? But when you buy a sample card you get access to our entire collection of yarns and fibers on a miniature scale.

      Isn't that just great?

      With our sample cards, you can feel the texture of the various fibers and yarns that we offer and see the earthy beauty of the naturally dyed yarns up close.

      We have three sample cards for you to choose from - one is our natural-dyed Eri silk yarns that showcase the diverse vibrant colors, one is Eri silk fibers that are great for spinning and fiber crafts, and one is Eri silk undyed yarns, the perfect blank canvas for dyers.