Tapestry Weaving Course

      Worry not, we have an in-depth guide to get you started with tapestry weaving. You will learn how to put a warp on a simple weaving frame, use weft yarn to start weaving, basic weaving patterns and techniques in your tapestry. 

      This course has been specially been design for beginners.

      You will have access to approximately 3.75 hours or 225 minutes of videos on tapestry weaving!

      In this course, you will learn about-

      1. 8 Essential tools you need to get started.
      2. Basic techniques and patterns of Tapestry weaving.
      3. How to make a simple wall hanging.
      4. How to make a tea cup coaster.
      5. How to make a wristband.
      6. How to weave a bookmark.
      7. How to make a hand woven purse or clutch.
      8. How to weave a cushion cover.

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