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      What are knitting patterns? What are crochet patterns? 

      A pattern is nothing more than instructions written down on how to make something by knitting or crochet. The two types of patterns are written in the text which uses words and some numbers, and the other is visual which uses symbols in chart form. 

      Both types of patterns use rows in a sequence and is determined by ‘row count’. This helps in keeping track of progress. The major difference in both types of patterns is in chart patterns it is visual instruction, but text pattern it is descriptive instruction. 

      Are patterns difficult or easy to follow? 

      Patterns like yarns come in a range of choices. Some are beginner patterns for easy read and follow knits or stitches. While some need an expert or seasoned pattern readers to follow. If you are a pro then any pattern you pick will be a breeze. Sometimes you might even discover a mistake on published patterns because patterns are basically repeating rows and human error does happen. 

      For beginners, it is best to follow patterns that clearly mention ‘patterns for beginners’ or ‘easy pattern for beginnersAnd it would do you good if you search in detail like ‘knitting patterns for beginners' or ‘easy knitting patterns for beginners, and the same for crochet. 

      Are knitting patterns free or paid? 

      You will come across many free as well as paid patterns for your knitting or crochet projects. It’s not only the monetary value associated with these patterns that set them apart. There are valid reasons why paid patterns cost money. And no, it’s not only about the effort and time gone in to create and write the pattern but also the design might be more detailed or uncommon. 

      Then what about free patterns? Time and effort have gone in to make those too, right? Correct! And there are valid reasons why free patterns don’t cost a thing. First, it might be a really simple design and not worth being paid for since there are thousands of similar designs for free. Second, it could have been a paid pattern at one time, but with the passing of time, trends and interest for the design faded and so became a free pattern. 

      Beginners are best to start with free patterns honing on their skills before jumping to paid patterns that require more knowledge and experience. 

      Where can I find good knitting or crochet patterns? 

      The web is rife with both knitting and crochet patterns. But it’s like an ocean and choosing one does get intimidating. Some suggestions when searching is to define what you want. For example, if you want to knit a sweater for women then search for ‘easy beginner knitting pattern for women’s sweater’. ‘Single colour scarf knitting pattern for beginners, ‘summer lace scarf crochet pattern for beginners, well you get the idea.

      On this page, you can browse Muezarts’ collection of free and paid patterns to start with. We develop patterns frequently and update our collection. All of our patterns are made with Eri silk as we feel it brings out the essence and character of the piece. 

      What yarn to use for patterns in knitting and crochet? 

      The choice of yarn greatly depends on what is being made and most patterns suggest or instruct the yarn type that will go with the pattern. For example, you will find patterns stating 3 skeins or 3 balls of fingering 4 ply at 700 – 800 meters a skein/ ball. This is to state the yarn requirement for the project. 

      Some patterns will also mention the brand of yarn used for the pattern, which makes it easier to replicate. But, it does not mean that patterns which have the yarn brand mentioned need to use only that yarn. Any brand with similar specifications (yarn count and yardage) can be used 

      And equally important is to know the knitting needle or crochet hook size for the yarn the pattern uses. The needle size will be mentioned in both US and mm sizes and should include length of circular needles, if gauge is crucial to the project.