Discover The Joy Of Weaving With A Tapestry Loom

 Tapestry Weaving Loom

I want to share with you a story -  how we discovered tapestry weaving and how that led us to launch a new product – a Mini Tapestry loom.

Muezart and a Tapestry Artist – How They Met

Muezart is into regeneration of Eri Silk industry - to create a market for the Eri Silk yarn that the spinners and weavers of Meghalaya produce, thus keeping alive this heritage industry.

When did we discover Tapestry weaving?

When we met Julie Kagati – a tapestry artist! Here is the  story of how we met.

Tapestry Weaving Using a Mini Loom – A Joyful Activity

Thanks to Julie, Muezart not only learnt about tapestry weaving, but also discovered what a joyful activity it was. That too creating mini tapestries using mini looms seemed easy. And, each piece could be finished quickly, which was very satisfying. Within a short time Rida and her team had tried their hands at making a simple loom with cardboard. They tried using different yarns, including Eri silk. The results were good. 

Cardboard weaving

Rida felt energized at the end of each project - If it is that much fun then why not introduce the art to our customers? Muezart team decided to create a mini loom with wood. The natural choice was the sweet-smelling pine wood which grows in plenty in our state.

Pine is sought after as flooring material as it is durable, easy to work with and a renewable resource. Using pine our woodcraftsmen got a mini loom made. Check them out.  

Notice the hand-crafted frame the accessories – specially the comb like thing that is used to compact the weft yarns.

Tapestry weaving | Muezart

Note how the weft yarn is compressed down with a tool that looks like a comb

Maybe it is time to answer some questions you may have about tapestry!

What is tapestry weaving?

Tapesty weaving is a textile art and is said to be a centuries old technique. The method is similar to weaving fabric – by passing the weft thread through the pre-tied warp threads – but not exactly the same as weaving. The weft threads are packed in, close to each other, in such a way that you do not even see the Warp yarns.

Warp and Weft Weaving | Muezart

Did you know that large tapestries with intricate designs were hung as a large curtains in castles, royal palaces and forts in Europe? The art is said to have been actively pursued between the 14th and 18th centuries in Europe.

Tapestry weaving India

How is tapestry weaving done?

The Warp yarn (vertical thread) is first attached to the loom – parallel lengths tied or anchored on both ends. These are the ones that define the length and the width of the woven fabric.

To create the tapestry the Weft thread (the horizontal thread) is taken over and under the warp threads. After each line is done the weft threads are packed in by squishing them down with a comb like tool.

In fact, in a tapestry, one cannot see the warp thread.

In fabric weaving too the same process is followed but there are a few differences.

What Is The Differences Between Woven Cloth And Tapestry?

Difference between Woven Fabric and Woven Tapestry

Using Muezart’s mini loom you can weave a small piece of cloth or create a mini tapestry.

What is the best yarn for tapestry weaving?

Worsted wool is said to be the best. We found that Eri Silk yarn that Muezart has created for knitting works well as the weft yarn. For warp use Eri silk mill spun yarn.

What are the benefits of tapestry weaving?

It is a relaxing activity, almost therapeutic, and helps improve our hand-eye coordination. Weaving is safe for children too and is said to develop their motor skills.

What can I create with a mini tapestry loom?

There are many tapestry designs and creation that you can make using just a small tapestry weaving loom like small decorative tapestry wall hangings. Or create a piece and stitch it on to your dress as an accent. You can even join a few and create a bigger wall hanging.

You can make many tapestry art projects too like:
1.Cushion Cover
2. Pillow Cover
3. Home decorations
4. Tea Cup coasters
5. Key Chains
7. Hand bands
8. Key accessories
9. Scenery wall art 
10. Table Cover


Those are tangible results. The intangible, but valuable, is the joy each creation will give you.

Gift yourself or a loved one a small tapestry weaving loom. They make a great gift for children from age 7 up. Send in your creations and we will feature them on our website.



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