Diwon- The Abode of Eri Silk

Some of us have probably heard about Eri silk, but we might be wondering where its home is. Let me give you a glimpse of where this beautiful silk comes from.  

Eri silk yarns are naturally processed, and is called Ahimsa silk, since during the process of the extraction, the silkworm is not killed, unlike the other silk extraction processes from their cocoons.  

Where on earth is Diwon? 

Eri Silk Village | Muezart
Umden Diwon- the home of Eri silk
, has been declared as the first and the only official Eri silk village on 12th February 2021 by the Government of Meghalaya, India. Interesting, right?  

This exotic village is located in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya of Northeast India. The National Institute of Fashion Technology along with the state of Meghalaya is soon to set up a Design Resource Centre in order to provide a unique mark to this picturesque silk village. The official recognition of this village had come from the department of textiles, India which has enabled it to develop into an ‘Atmanirbhar Village’   

What makes this yarn so special? 

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Eri silk lies in the heart and soul of Meghalaya and is the world’s most sustainable silk fibre. The Eri fibre gives rise to a very natural off-white colour, and most of the shawls woven by the Khasi women of the state are mostly of this shade. This silk fibre can be used for various crafts like knitting patterns, crochet patterns, weaving, spinning and so much more.  

What makes Eri silk fibres so strong?  

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Eri silk is an heirloom silk, which already makes a sturdy silk by default. This silk is also high on crystals, that are molecules which constitute the fibre to strengthen it.  

Eri silk fabrics are also known as ‘Ryndia’ in the Khasi language of Meghalaya. And Ryndia has ever been evolving as a luxurious fabric!  

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What does Muezart do? 

Muezart as a company has immense faith in the potential of the state of Meghalaya, especially on its Eri silk, since Eri silk is the fabric which is worn with utmost pride and joy by the people of the state.  

And that is why as of today, Muezart is the only company in India to promote Eri silk as widely as possible!  

Silk yarn for knitting | Muezart

As a team, it is Muezart’s dream to put Eri silk onto the global pedestal where this unique silk is loved and revered by all. Here in Muezart, Eri silk yarns are dyed in a 100% natural way, where the colours are extracted from various plants and minerals. The unique properties which Eri silk has makes it hypoallergenic (non-itchy and breathable) 

Such properties also make the fabrics warm during summers and cold in winters. Yes, it is actually an all-season yarn 

We regularly experiment with all our women artisans on the unique processes which are undertaken by us. Most of our fabrics are 100% hand spun and hand woven, which gives them an ethereal, rusty look along with aggravating its value.  


No other silk fabrics tend to have the natural texture which Eri silk fibres has!  

Cherishing Eri silk and Diwon. 

Muezart looks forward to cherish every bit of the Eri silk yarns and fibres which Umden Diwon is gifted with. Eri silk is one of a kind, and Muezart vows to promote it to the utmost level.  

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