The Best Knitting Yarn for Summer


It is May 2021, and it’s summertime, and everyone is staying at home with this pandemic hitting India severely, and going out for vacations seems like a distant dream.

All our summer vacation plans are cancelled, and we got nowhere else to go.

You have probably been thinking about what you can do to make this pastime worth it.

Are you a knitter or thinking of starting to knit?  

Then this summer, you wouldn't mind being locked in your room with your favorite knitting needles or crochet hooks with a vast collection of Eri silk knitting yarn from Muezart.

Yes, you heard it right – a silk yarn you can knit with!

And you know what? It is a perfect time to crochet or knit lacy scarfs or lacy snuggly hats to protect you from the heat.

You know what? You do not have to sacrifice your most favorite hobby just because it is summer. 

Eri Silk has unique properties, with its low conductivity and thermal properties, making it an all-season yarn.

Eri Silk Yarn is the best silk yarn for knitting during summer, since it can keep you cool in summer and even warm in winter. Thus, it is a win-win for you if you choose Muezart Eri Silk knitting yarn. 

We guarantee that you will be able to pursue your favorite hobby and make lacy-cool garments throughout this season. Why? Because Eri silk knitting yarn will feel silky and cool around your fingers when you knit, unlike wool which cannot be handled during the summer months.

The best Eri silk yarns for summer knitting- 

1. Natural Eri Silk Yarn 15/3 

Our 15/3 Eri silk knitting yarn is the most popular. It is 100% natural Eri silk which is excellent for crocheting and knitting hand-made lace garments.

It is an all-season yarn for all your knitting projects or crochet projects.

Our 15/3 Eri silk yarn is smooth and robust with a unique matte finish. This fine-spun yarn with nubs and slubs gives an excellent effect on a woven fabric. 

The versatility of this fine silk yarn makes every maker fall in love with it. This yarn is great to work with, available in natural cream color which is 100% naturally dyed using plant-based ingredients.

We sell our Eri silk yarns as skeins, and so you will need to wind it into a ball to make it easier to knit/crochet with. High quality and lovely soft feel are what you can expect from this amazing silk yarn. 

2. Natural Eri Silk Yarn 3/3 

Our 3/3 Eri yarn is 100% pure Eri Silk. 

This thick, worsted yarn is great for knitting garments like baby blankets, a warm cozy shawl, beanies and so much more! 

From being one of the best silk yarns for knitting to its soft silky texture, you will love everything about using these silk yarns to knit beautiful art pieces.


Incredibly soft and smooth, it is a great silk yarn for knitting for beginners! 

All these yarns are 1005 naturally dyed using plant-based ingredients. 

3. Erida Eri Silk 2 Ply Handspun Yarn

Our DK ply yarn is spun directly from our Eri silk cocoon sheets.

It is incredibly soft on the skin, pleasing to look at, an all-rounder silk yarn from texture to beauty, and sustainably sourced from our artisans.  

All our Eri silk yarns are hand-dyed using plant-based ingredients and minerals. 

Our DK yarn is perfect for knitting or crochet lightweight sweaters, tops, scarfs, baby clothing, or even bags.

Get yourselves these super-soft Eri silk yarns for this summer, and don’t forget to follow our tips on selecting your yarn for the crochet or knitting project. 

Read our Journey from Eri silk woven fabric to Eri silk knitting yarn.

So guys, I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and yes, I bet you have fallen in love with the versatility of Eri silk yarns!  

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