How to Weave a Tapestry?

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Tapestry weaving stitches seem fun and exciting, but it is not really when you must figure out how to start tapestry weaving on a loom. As a beginner, you want to start simple and easy.

I would say, "Start small" by trying out on a mini weaving loom that you can create out of a cardboard paper or you can get Muezart’s mini tapestry loom. 

In this tutorial, I will be instructing you how to weave on Muezart's Mini Tapestry loom.

What is Tapestry Weaving? 

Tapestry weaving is a type of art that is designed through weaving by hand on a loom. It is created by weaving colored yarns or fibers on the weft through the plain yarns on the warp.

The weaving yarns on the warp are stretched on a loom going on upward and downward direction which creates a frame for weavers to create a pattern with yarns and fibers on the weft. The weaving yarns on the warp does not usually show on the final product. In other words, it is like painting using yarns and fibers on a loom. 

So, let's get started! 

But first, make sure you have these things ready before you start.

You will need:

1) A loom 

2) A strong yarn or thread for the warp 

3) Other yarns and fibers for design 

4) Comb 

5) Thick needle 

6) Shed (You can use a ruler)

7) Scissors 

8) Driftwood hanger 

Step one:

How to warp on a Tapestry Loom?

You need to use a thin and strong thread to warp a loom because the threads must support the whole design while weaving and after the project is done.  

Take one end of the thread and tie a knot on the first dent of the loom at the top.  

Next, you must pull down the thread to the first dent at the bottom of the loom. Continue to insert the thread in the second dent at the bottom of the loom and pull the thread back up to the second dent at the top of the loom. 

Continue this process back and forth till you reach the last dent and tie a knot to secure the warp. 

Quick Tip: To make your weaving job easier, make sure your thread is not too tight or too loose. 

Step two:

How to create tassel fringes on Tapestry Loom?

Tassels are easy and fun to make. They add a creative finished look to a design but can also become a disaster if you do not get it right. There are few ways of making a tassel fringe but in this blog, I will be showing how to make a Rya knot which is a simple tapestry weaving technique.

Cut a bunch of yarns at the length of your desired tassel length. Take 3-5 strands, depending on the thickness of the yarn, and create a loop on 2 strands of the warp thread. Tie a Rya knot by taking the ends of the strands, pull the ends through the loop and tighten the knot. 

Continue this process for the entire row and your tassel fringes are ready. 

Step three: 

How to create a weft on a Tapestry Loom?

Weft are threads that are inserted through the warp on a horizontal direction. There are different knots and techniques you can use to design your Weft on a Tapestry loom. 
Let us start with something simple and easy!

Single Tabby Weave

Tabby weaving is the simplest technique you can start with which is also known as “plain weave” following the over-under pattern. 

Cut a strand of yarn for 2 meters or your desired length and use a needle to weave following the over-under pattern on a horizontal direction. To make your weaving easier, you can use a ruler as a shed. 
At the end of each row, continue weaving on the opposite direction following the opposite over-under pattern. Once you are done, cut the leftover yarn leaving 2 to 3 cm to hide at the back. Make sure all your wefts are tightened using the comb. 

Double Tabby Weave

Double Tabby weaving is a same technique as Single Tabby Weaving but using double strands of yarn following the same over-under pattern. 
Cut 2 strands of yarn of your desired length and use a needle to weave following the same over-under pattern. 

Soumak Weave

Soumak is a fun tapestry weaving technique to add to your wall hanging since it creates a beautiful texture. This technique sits on top of the warp thread which adds a nice dimension to your weave.  
The basic pattern for the Soumak is over two warps, loop around, over two warps, loop around, etc.

Rya Knot

Rya Knots are what you most often find at the bottom of a weave to create a fringe. However, the Rya knots can be placed wherever to create a more unique. 
To tie a Rya Knots, gather 3 thin strands of yarn together and placed them on top of the warp. (If you are using a thicker yarn, you may only need to use one strand). 
Tuck the ends down around 2 warp strands. Then pull the ends back up through the middle, between the 2 warp strands. Pull upwards and tighten to create your first knot. 
Gently slide the knot downwardsThe tail should lie flat, covering a portion of the rows of weaving below. 
Continue creating as many Rya knots as you need for your weaving.

Step four:

How to take off the Warp from the loom?

After completing all your designs, it time to take off the warp threads from the dents. Take out the warp threads and cut them off. Tie double knot throughout the row to secure the weave at top. Now, you can take your driftwood and attach to the warp threads that were cutDouble tie a knot throughout the row around the driftwood to secure the wood for wall hanging. Cut off the excess threads after double tying the knots around the driftwood. 

It is time to hang the Tapestry weaving wall hanging!  
To complete that, you need to tie a thread or yarn on one end of a driftwood to another end. 

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