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      About Muezart Weaving Yarn

      Our 60/2 yarn is 100% pure Eri Silk. It is a fine-spun lace yarn. It's strong and durable making it the best yarn for weaving or embroidery.


      The 60/2 is a dainty lace yarn mainly use for weaving. This 2-ply yarn fine spun yarn can be used as both weft and warp and takes dye beautifully. These threads are S-twisted and work great on a rustic middleweight fabric or light, thin fabric.

      Weavers love variants. Our 20/2 yarn is a light-fingering weight yarn that is suitable for both the warp and weft and is strong and durable. 

      Our 20/2 yarn has a handspun look with a matte shine. This fine-spun yarn with nubs and slubs gives a nice effect on a woven fabric.

      This yarn is perfect for weaving but also good as a lightweight yarn for crochet intricate pieces. A skein of 100 gm will be enough to weave a 15 x 75-inch scarf and is suitable for both the warp and weft. The irregularity of the yarn adds a beautiful earthy texture to your woven textile.

      Take your weaving handloom today and weave beautiful weaving designs with Eri silk yarn.

      Benefits of Weaving

      • eye-hand coordination and concentration
      • problem-solving skills
      • understanding of patterns and sequencing
      • creativity and relaxation


      About Muezart Crocheting Yarn 

      Our 100% Eri silk yarn is great for crocheting and knitting hand-made lace clothes.  

      The 15/3 mill spun Eri silk yarn weight has a great texture almost with the look of handspun gives a great effect on the fabric. 

      This yarn is slightly thinner than fingering yarn but the slubbiness of this yarn makes a great texture for knitting and crocheting socks, a lace shawl, or even a beanie and more hand-made clothes.     

      Eri Silk is known for its special properties withs its low conductivity and thermal properties making it an all-weather yarn. So, whether you’re looking for a summer yarn or winter yarn Eri Silk can play both characters.  

      All Our silk yarns are naturally dyed using plant-based ingredients only. 

      Take Your crochet hook today and start to create beautiful crochet designs with our free crochet patterns by clicking here!

      Benefits Of Crocheting

      • Crocheting helps with insomnia 
      • Crocheting reduces stress and anxiety 
      • Crocheting helps ease or relieve depression 
      • Crocheting reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s 
      • Crochet builds your self-esteem 
      • Crocheting acts as a form of group therapy 
      • Crocheting puts you in control 


      About Muezart Knitting Yarn


      Our 3/3 Mill Spun Eri Silk yarn which is a worsted weight yarn is a great yarn for knitting baby blankets, a warm cozy shawl, and beanies. From its roots to its soft silky texture, you will love everything about using these yarns to knit beautiful art pieces

      Take your knitting needles today and start to create beautiful knitting designs with our free knitting patterns by clicking here!

      Benefits of Knitting

      • Knitting lowered blood pressure
      • Knitting reduced depression and anxiety
      • Knitting slowed the onset of dementia
      • Knitting helps Distraction from chronic pain
      • Knitting Increased sense of wellbeing
      • Knitting helps to Reduced loneliness and isolation