Eri Silk: An All Season Yarn For Your Knitting Projects

Natural Dyed Eri Silk Yarn 3/3 | 100g

Our 3/3 worsted weight yarn is 100% pure Eri Silk.It is an all season yarn for all your knitting projects.

Eri Silk is a unique, natural and durable yarn that is soft, keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The versatility of this yarn makes every maker fall in love with this yarn.

What's even more special is its hypoallergenic making it a NO-ITCH yarn.

Available in natural cream color and other colours which are hand-dyed with different plant-based ingredients, this yarn is a dream to work with

It's smooth and soft and a good yarn for beginners to knit with.

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Customers Love Our Yarn!


Texture is smooth and soft. Runs easily while knitting. Finished outcome is beautiful!

Aruna P

The yarn is wonderful n so are the people behind this cooperative initiative. I love the idea that you are involving all the people esp women of all the villages in Meghalaya in this project. Wish you all the best.

Hira K.

The yarns are beautiful, actually, my mom is using them to make stoles!!

Would be ordering more soon.!!

Jabera S.

This is a dream yarn- both colour and texture are outstanding !!
Thanks team Muezart.

Shree R

Its an amazing idea to sell Eri silk in a different way. And the way you displaying it is really appreciated. I learn so many things about the silk from your blogs. Thank you so much

Madhumita S.

I enjoyed knitting and gifting scarves made from the silk yarn.

Meena Kapur

Special Facts About Eri Silk


Muezart’s Eri silk is hand-crafted– right from processing, spinning yarn to natural dyeing.

All Season Yarn

Eri Silk is a natural yarn that is super soft, keeps you warm in winter (without the ‘woolly itch’) and cool in summer.

Last For A Lifetime

Eri silk is strong and highly durable. So, imagine your creations being passed down for generations.

What can you make with this yarn?

This yarn is great for knitting products like baby blankets, scarves, stoles, beanies, adult sweaters, baby sweaters and more!

From its roots to its soft silky texture, you will love everything about using these yarns to knit beautiful art pieces.

Some Creations Made By Our Customers Using Our 3/3 Natural Eri Silk Yarn

Eri Silk Baby Knit Set Wear

MakerAruna Pagd

Eri Silk Beanie


Eri Silk Scarf

3/3 Eri Silk Colours Yarn Collection

Indigo Blue

Azalea Pink

Ruby Red

Annatto Orange

Fern Green


Moonlight Blue

Natural Colour

Sunglow Yellow

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