5 Artistic Hobbies for Beginners

Summer crafts 2021 | Muezart Yarn2020 was the year we all got to bring out our creative side. We made a mess of the kitchen trying our hands at cooking. Sound familiar? Or probably injured ourselves fixing something around the house.

Those of us who have children it was the constant brainstorming of ideas to keep our kids occupied and active. 

But, apart from mostly forced DIY tasks or boredom relievers the lockdown awoke a curious child in all of us-  A part that was almost lost and forgotten.

Just to incite a thought process, our jobs, stress, lifestyle, priorities have become the norm. And we choose to ignore what we feel is less important. 

As we turn a new leaf let’s promise this year and beyond, we are intentional about keeping our creativity alive. Sparing some time in a day or week, we’ll show you what you can do, especially if you are a beginner. 

5 easy crafts that beginners can try 

1. Paper craft – 

Eri Silk Handmade paperThis is one of the most beginner friendly crafts that can also be taken to a higher level of ingenuity. From simple card making to paper-mache which is great for kids, to more detailed or intricate origami and paper ornaments. 

Paper is easily available and with just a pair of scissors and some add-ons you are ready to go. The humble newspaper is best used for easy paper craft projects. Once completed just paint over to cover the reach of the media. Or varnish a clear coat to keep your collaged message visible. 

2. Embroidery – 

Embroidery threads | Muezart YarnOne of the ancient methods still used today to decorate our cloths and home fabrics, the method has changed little over the centuries. hand embroidery designs are easy to pick-up and can be started with a embroidery needles, threads and any piece of cloth or even on your favorite jeans. 

Highly portable, you can take your project around like a handkerchief and even pass airport security (but don’t take our word for it). Embroidery patterns on hand towels, table napkins or cushion covers and show off your work to guests. 

You can get our Eri Silk Embroidery threads combo here to kickstart your summer project or get creative with our Embroidery Kit. 

3. Candle making – 

 There is something magical about candles, that’s difficult to describe. wondering how to make candles? 

Is it the sense of safety when we light one during a power cut? Or the subtle glimmer we see in the eyes of an affectionate date when we share a special moment. Candles add a cozy element to a room and can be further highlighted with colors and fragrances. 

Whatever candle type you make, they all will need wax, a wick and any self-standing shape. Before you begin, set a designated work space and lay out some old newspapers to make cleaning up easier. Candle making can be as adventurous as the person making them so don’t hold back on your imagination. 

Once you get a couple in the bag you will be confident enough to do your own experimenting. You can add glitter, some fragrant oils, leaves, beads and what not. So, don’t limit your creativity to only tutorials you see online. 

4. Tapestry weaving – 

 The completed works of art were only up for sale in chic markets, a misconception that you need to be a pro to weave. Tapestry weaving is easy to start, even with a 4x4 or 8x8 weaving frame. You can DIY a frame from cardboard cut out from a box, its’ that simple. When watching tutorials don’t get overwhelmed with understanding the warp and weft. Start with beginner tutorials. 

You can weave wall hangings, coasters, table mats, or a work of art you can sew on cushion covers. Create for pleasure and decorate your home or gift to family and friends or maybe make it a micro business and sell in your very own weekend market. 

We have named our tapestry loom as the gift giver. It’s easy to setup and you can have a small wall hanging in 20 minutes.

Want to get your hands at weaving? Check out our mini Tapestry weaving kit here

5. Tie-Dye –

Tie-Dye | Muezart YarnIt’s not rocket science, but a little science nonetheless and it’s sure fun. The thought of dyeing fabric can be intimidating, but rest assured with just a little knowledge you will be waiting to dye any fabric around the house. 

The idea of natural tie-dye is not just contrast of different colors but create patterns that are like presents, because you will see the end result after unravelling the knots. 

Patterns can be vibrant or simple lines on a t-shirt or a picnic blanket, transform a plain fabric into a tie-dye sarong or a light scarf for the chilly summer evenings. 

These crafts are fun, and we might have grown up doing them in school or one summer break. It’s amazing to know that any craft has therapeutic effects and is calming. Once a trend in every household these are making a comeback over game consoles and the television. 

I encourage you to reach out into your creative self, hidden from doubt and bring back the child in you. Try out these crafts that who knows, can be you next hobby. 

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