Tapestry Weaving- An Artform to Enjoy

The word ‘tapestry weaving’ might be quite new to some of us.  

Well, Tapestry weaving patterns have been known to various societies since time immemorial! It is indeed one of the oldest types of woven textiles. It is basically a sophisticated type of textile art, traditionally hand-woven on a loom.  

What is Tapestry weaving?  

Tapestry loom India | Muezart India

Tapestry weaving is a hand-manipulated technique of creating fabrics which involves working with one or numerous dis-continuous weft/horizontal threads passing through the warp/ vertical threads in a twisted sequence to build up rows of woven cloth. 

Working with short, lengths of yarn, the tapestry weaving stitches can be controlled, and the repeat patterns can be across an irregular number of warp threads.  
So, the weaver is more in control of the yarn for weaving which allows him/her greater flexibility to ‘draw with yarn’. 

When did Tapestry Weaving begin?  

The origins of this beautiful artform is vaguely known. However, in ancient Egypt, tapestry weave linen pieces were found in the tombs of some well-known Egyptian kings.  

But it is assumed that Tapestry weaving as an art form began probably before the 1600s. 

In the Indian scenario, textiles have always been known to be a reflection of intense art, culture and traditions; and the contemporary tapestry weaving art forms in India are an epitome of the former.  

As a matter of fact, modern tapestry weaving fabrics are quite famous in several parts of India like Rajasthan, Jaipur etc.  

How to begin Tapestry weaving?

You don’t always need to be fully prepared to start something brand new, because creativity has no beginnings nor endings.  

To weave a tapestry is no rocket science, but it is never too late to start something great!  

However, as a beginner you would obviously wish to start with baby steps. So why not start small with Muezart’s small tapestry loom kit?

What makes Tapestry Weaving special?  

Beautiful Tapestry Weaving Loom For Beginners Use For DIY Arts and Crafts At Home

The characteristics of tapestry weaving patterns enable the weaver to create a woven cloth that has an aesthetic feel to it.  

Modern tapestry weaving has been gaining a attention because of its aesthetic beauty which are used by people especially for home décor.  

Also, by changing the colours of the weft threads in small, specific locations on the overall cloth, one can create art tapestry weaving using yarns.  

From a contemporary perspective, you can relate this process to having a high ratio of pixels in a photograph. The more pixels, the more definition and detail the cloth can have!  

How to Weave a Tapestry 

Beautiful Tapestry Weaving Loom For Beginners Use For DIY Arts and Crafts At Home

Tapestry weaving is an art form which is created by weaving coloured yarns or fibres on the weft through the plain yarns on the warp.  

The yarns on the warp are stretched on the tapestry weaving loom going on upward and downward direction which creates a frame for the weaver to create a weaving pattern with yarns and fibres on the weft. 

The yarn on the warp does not usually show on the final product. Eri silk yarns weave like butter on the tapestry weaving loom! In other words, it is just like painting using yarns and fibres on a loom.  

To begin with, you need to have the following things ready, and in order to have a smooth and fun start, there is nothing better than Muezart’s Tapestry loom kit.  

Things you will need-  
1) A loom  

2) A strong yarn or thread for the warp  

3) Other yarns and fibers for design  

4) Comb  

5) Thick needle  

6) Shed (You can use a ruler) 

7) Scissors  

8) Driftwood hanger  

The Tapestry Looms

Beautiful Tapestry Weaving Loom For Beginners Use For DIY Arts and Crafts At Home

Muezart believes in the ethics of giving back; be it to nature or to our artisans who toil day and night. The tapestry weaving loom that Muezart offers is made of 100% authentic pinewood, giving it a super smooth texture.  

The tapestry weaving looms that you buy from Muezart are all made by our hand-working artisans.  

The amazing work of the people in our farm are the ones behind creating the tapestry looms of all sizes.  

Lamshwa Rymbai is the man who leads the team of making our tapestry looms. Muezart’s tapestry looms are highly portable, so you can take them anywhere with you!  

Tapestry weaving loom | Muezart India

The idea of tapestry looms and the beauty of tapestry weaving patterns came about in Muezart when we met Julie Kagti- a renowned textile artist from Assam. The team of Muezart was quite fascinated by this artform and hence our own tapestry loom kit came up! 

Muezart first began with creating mini tapestry looms with pine wood, since pine trees are very common in the state of Meghalaya.  

What Can be Created with tapestry Weaving?  

The tapestry weaving loom is a package which urges you to let your creativity run wild. The number of art tapestry weaving patterns that you can create with this kit are endless.  

Some of the art tapestry projects that can be created are: 

1.Cushion Cover 
2. Pillow Cover 
3. Home decorations 
4. Tea Cup coasters 
5. Key Chains 
7. Hand bands 
8. Key accessories 
9. Scenery wall art  
10.Table Cover 

Also, such tapestry weaving loom kits make great gifts for your loved ones. And yes, children can delve into this artform too, without any difficulty.  

The art of tapestry weaving is extremely joyful, calms down your nerves and improves the development of motor skills in children. There are indeed various tapestry weaving techniques to begin with.  

I can assure you that once you begin to weave a tapestry, there is no turning back!  

So, get your very own tapestry weaving loom kit today! 

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