The Right Yarn for Knitting!

Naturally Dyed Knitting Yarn Made From Eri Silk. These yarn are dyed using plant based ingrdients and minerals only

You are reading this blog probably because you are hunting for the best yarn for knitting, isn’t?  

Well, you will be happy to know that are on the right track!  

We are all familiar with the word ‘Knitting’, aren’t we?  

The process of knitting involves continuous interlocking and interlinking a series of loops of yarn with the usage of a pair of needles, specially designed to weave long strings of fabric.  

Our mind is just like a machine which needs its fuel time and again to run well. Just like other fruitful hobbies, knitting absolutely qualifies as an effective fuel for the mind machine! 

How to Start Knitting With Eri Silk Yarn?


  • The art of knitting usually begins with a process called ’casting on’ which implies the creation of the initial stiches on the needle.
  • Keep twisting the strand at the tip of your needle and the rest of the yarn around your thumb. 
  • Keep passing the needle under the yarn coming from the tail and around your thumb. 
  • The symmetrical ways of looping the yarn results in a specific kind of fabric which is tangible and elastic, making it your wardrobe staple in the winter, and sometimes in all seasons.  

There are generally different kinds of knitting, but the fundamental ones are cross knitting and circular knitting. And likewise, different kinds of yarns and fibres are used by knitters and crocheters.  

Silk yarn for Knitting  

Naturally Dyed Knitting Yarn Made From Eri Silk. These yarn are dyed using plant based ingrdients and minerals only

To dive into the interesting world of knitting, choosing the right knitting yarn is obviously very important. After the right yarn is chosen, it is the time to pick up your knitting needles. 

Knitting is ought to be done by a pair of pointy needles and is mostly done by hand, machine or on the loom.

Eri silk yarns can be the best yarns for knitting, mainly because of the unique properties that Eri silk has. It also qualifies as the best knitting yarns for beginners!  

Wondering what its unique properties are?  

  • Ever heard of a no-itch silk? Well, Eri silk is!  It is because no toxic chemicals are used during its production. The only chemical that comes in touch with it is alkaline soap which is used during the degumming process. The fiber holds on to its natural properties, making it a no-itch silk. 

  •  Doesn’t it feel precious when you can hoard something that you treasure, to pass it onto your kids and the generations to come? Eri silk is known to be an heirloom silk and is also the strongest and the sturdiest!  

  • Why is it so strong? Eri silk is high in crystals- crystals are molecules that makes up a fiber to increase the fiber strength.  

  • An all-season yarn. Due to its unique properties, Eri silk can be worn at any time of the year, be it summer or winter. It’s non-itchy and breathable characteristics makes it the best choice.  

To begin with knitting, the usage of worsted weight yarns is preferable for hand knitting yarns.  

To check out all Eri silk’s worsted weight yarns, click here!

Why is Eri silk the right yarn for knitting? 

Naturally Dyed Knitting Yarn Made From Eri Silk. These yarn are dyed using plant based ingrdients and minerals only

As mentioned earlier, Eri silk is an all-season yarn, which makes it extremely versatile. Eri silk yarns and fibers are incredibly soft, almost like butter and hence they are super easy and comfortable to knit with.  

Not only is Eri silk yarn great for knitting, but it is also preferred for crochet as well as for weaving.  

So folks, if this is not versatility, then what is?  

Making a Conscious Choice 

Muezart, as a company believes in sustainability and choosing a conscious lifestyle therein.  

So, whenever you use Eri silk yarn for simple tasks like knitting, crocheting or weaving, you are actually taking small steps towards being kinder to mother earth.  

We not only think about today, but we are also concerned about tomorrow.  

Meghalaya has a wide range of plants and minerals, thus raising the scope for natural dyeing with each passing day.  

The production of Eri silk is done solely by respecting the environment and therefore, our products are suitable for eco-labelling.  

The Muezart team had spent a few days in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya and were trained in natural dyes; and every day they were intrigued and amazed by the number of shades that can be produced from plants and minerals!  

Naturally Dyed Knitting Yarn Made From Eri Silk. These yarn are dyed using plant based ingrdients and minerals only

In today’s day and age, it is indeed important to make sure that we are making the right choices.  

With Muezart’s Eri silk knitting and crocheting yarns, you can assure yourself that you are making the right choice even for your simple hobbies and pleasures like knitting and crocheting.  

So, I guess your search for the right knitting yarn is over by now!  

Without any further ado, click on the link below to buy the best yarns for knitting today 


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